Welcome to Nashdads.com! The official site of the Middle Tennessee dads group of the same name. Today NashDads is a 6th “generation” of the Middle Tennessee dads that started back in 1996. Originally started as a group mostly focused on stay-at-home dads, we welcome all dads into our ranks and share one common attribute: being passionate about our being the best dad you can be. Our group is comprised of dads from all walks of life.¬†Dads who join us will find new friendships and a brotherhood¬† who can relate to the excitement and struggles of fatherhood.

Nashdads is about our kids too. A large part of what we do is a weekly playgroup allowing our kids to also build friendships and social skills. They get to enjoy fun new experiences with true friends.

Organizational responsibility changes hands every few years as kids get older and start school. A few of our active members have been attending playgroups since 2004, but we are always adding newer dads to our ranks. Many of us are stay-at-home dads, but several also work hours which allow them to participate. Our weekly playgroup happens every Wednesday morning. When weather permits we will typically meet at a playground so the kids can burn off energy together, and sometimes we go have a quick lunch after. Sometimes we plan field trips, museum visits, or story time at libraries. The location of our weekly playgroup jumps all over Nashville since our members are located all around the city.

Occasionally we will plan a dad’s night out to give us a chance to blow off some steam without our little ones. We may go bowling, play games, or have a pint at a bar.

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