Organizational transition.

Every few years due to kids aging into school we go through some organizational changes, and we’re entering one of those phases. It’s been an incredible honor for me to serve as sort of principal organizer for Nashdads for the last two years. I cannot possibly overstate how much Nashdads means to my son Rowan and I and the significant impact it has had on our lives. The friendships we’ve developed will undoubtedly be lifelong, and I know I’m a better father and a better man thanks to participating in the group. I also believe the positive impact on my son has given him tools to develop in long-term positive way as well.

My son is preparing to enter kindergarten so our ability to participate in as many activities will diminish as the school year begins, and that’s basically how these transitions happen.

To any dads out there who may have come across the group and maybe even seen us online, I would encourage you to come out and meet us…get involved. You will be welcomed, and you won’t regret it.

In the meantime, please have patience with us as we get things moved over to new leadership as some postings might appear different or in different times.

Most of all, with all my heart thank you to my Nashdads brothers! Parenting is not easy…but the journey is much easier with such wonderful support.☺️👍♥️

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