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Sunday, September 3, 2017

What to do in severe weather.

Hi guys, Thursday was interesting as remnants of hurricane Harvey passed through Nashville. I thought I would share a quick explaination about warning sirens and some ways you can get fast information about what is going on when they go off. Warning sirens are meant to signal potentially life threatening conditions whether that means flooding, tornadoes, or even some kind of attack like bombs falling from the sky. It's meant to tell you that you should take shelter and find safety. Typically that means an inside room (no windows is a good rule of thumb) on the lowest level of whatever building you are in. If outside, you should head inside. Usually at my house we head to the basement and lookup online what's going on. I noticed Thursday there seemed to be a lot of confusion around the city about why the sirens were going off and what should folks do... that's why I'm writing this. Anyway, once you are safe there are two tools that are good for finding out what is going on around Nashville that I like to use.

First, if there is dangerous weather around, check out


They have current information, a Twitter feed with current updates, and even a Periscope stream. Periscope is a service site/app allowing folks to live stream video similar to Facebook. Thursday for example, they had a meteorologist come on and show the exact locations of the tornado conditions, and he even answered questions to folks who were chatting on the page. A great tool.

Next, a police radio scanner. It's no longer a ubiquitous box you buy at a black market swap meet from a paranoid tin foil hat wearing gun toter. Now, you can simply download an app for your smartphone to listen to police, fire, and EMS radio chatter. I use this app:


You can get an idea about all types of goings on with a scanner. One time when living out in Hermitage police helicopters we're circling our neighborhood. I tuned in and learned they were looking for some guy who assaulted someone. Anyway another handy tool. This particular app let's you set up alerts for when a certain number of people are listening so you can tune in. You can set different criteria for local and national notifications.

Anyway, the only other note I will offer is that they test the sirens the first Saturday of each month so you can mostly ignore that one. Hope this info helps, let me know your thoughts! Stay safe dads!

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